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Mirna SmidtMy name is Mirna Šmidt. I am a positive psychology and interpersonal skills trainer, speaker, coach and facilitator.

As the founder of Happiness Academy and Trainers Toolbox, I assist individuals and organisations with fulfilling their potential & creating a positive impact in the world. For over a decade I have supported and educated a broad range of diverse organisations – from companies such as Cisco, L’Oreal, Molson Coors, to startups and incubators such as Impact Hub and Startup Factory, NGOs such as Women in Data Science, and individuals – through tailor-made workshops, speeches and coaching. While based in Croatia, I work worldwide.

My mission is to support you and your organization in reaching your potential and strengthening your wellbeing. I use positive psychology research to provide practical tools, which help you thrive against life challenges, improve communication and effectiveness whilst living a more joyful everyday life.

My work is based on three pillars:
1. Empowering you: showing you how it is possible
2. Inspiring and motivating you: helping you figure out what you aspire to and why it is worth it
3. Educating you on the best research-based knowledge, methods and tools to create the desired change.

The impact of my work is powered by a combination of my engineering and corporate background (MsC in Computer and Electrical Engineering and 10 years of a successful career in advanced technologies in Cisco) with the depth of my theoretical knowledge and understanding of psychology and learning processes (including an MsC of Applied Positive Psychology and a long range of training related education).

If you wish to discuss a tailor-made plan on how to realize your or your team`s potential, let’s get in touch.

About me

It is all about reaching your or your teams full potential with tailor made plans or ready-made tools and trainings!

If you are an individual, I can help you design and live a life you love with simple tools from the science of positive-psychology. Rewire your brain to change your mindset and attitude towards life, boost happiness, joy and well being or get coaching on how to reach career goals, be more efficient or be a more impactful trainer for others…For a more exhaustive list, go here.

If you are interested to inspire, motivate or increase the efficiency of your team or are looking and strengthening the culture, communication or engagement across your organisation, let’s build together workshops, speeches or trainings. More details, here.

If you are looking for freely accessible tools or ready-made trainings or workshops, have a look at the below 3 education initiatives I have founded.

Happiness Academy – strengthening wellbeing, resilience, mindset & thinking patterns, and personal strengths of organizations, teams, and individuals with evidence-based tools and practices from the science of positive psychology.

Impact Academy – strengthening skills for higher impact, such as communication, presentation, personal efficiency, teamwork and team communication and virtual collaboration. Making teams and leaders effective, efficient, motivated and great at achieving results.

Trainers Toolbox – Empowering trainers with evidence-based tools to spark authentic engagement and boost the learning of their participants.

Why work with me?

Each training I design and deliver starts with one thing in mind: what is the goal and impact that will continue out of the training room? That means I help you keep focus and develop the optimal way to achieve that goal.
I work in an experiential way, bringing in science-based tools and knowledge from positive psychology. Each training is adapted in approach, topics, length and methods to achieve maximum possible impact in the workplace or life.
My profile combines the practical approach of an engineer with a rich theoretical background of learning science and psychology. As a result, my work is focused on application whilst making the learning experience engaging, efficient and enjoyable- even when it’s challenging.
A ten years of supporting individuals and clients from big companies such as Cisco and L’oreal to smaller teams, NGOs, startups and individuals on their journey of development enriched my toolbox and gave me a deep understanding of the process of change.
To discuss a tailor-made plan for you, your team or your organisation, contact me here.

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My projects


Happiness Academy

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Positive psychology for meaningful, engaged and joyful life and work.



Trainers Toolbox

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Empowering trainers to spark engagement and boost learning and training new trainers.



Impact Academy

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Build your skills to maximise your impact.


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