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Mirna Smidt:; about me

Who am I?

Mirna SmidtMy name is Mirna Šmidt. I am a positive psychology and interpersonal skills trainer, speaker, coach and facilitator. As the founder of Happiness Academy and Trainers Toolbox, I serve individuals and organisations to fulfil their potential & create positive impact in the world.

For over a decade I support and educate a broad range of diverse organisations (companies, startups, NGOs ) and individuals through workshops, speeches and coaching. While based in Croatia, I work worldwide.

My goal is your success in reaching your potential and strengthen your wellbeing, thriving against life challenges, communication and effectiveness with achieving your goals, using science-based tools from positive psychology.

Through powerful learning experiences, you gain the skills, tools and knowledge practical and ready to apply in own work and life.

What I can do for you

It is all about reaching your or your teams full potential with tailor made plans or ready-made tools and trainings!

If you are an individual, I can help you design and live a life you love with simple tools from the science of positive psychology. Rewire your brain to change your mindset and attitude towards life, boost happiness, joy and well being or get coaching on how to reach career goals, be more efficient or be a more impactful trainer for others…For a more exhaustive list, check it on What I do.

If you are interested to inspire, motivate or increase the efficiency of your team or are looking and strengthening the culture, communication or engagement across your organisation, let’s build together workshops, speeches or trainings. More details, check What I do.

If you are looking for freely accessible tools or ready-made trainings or workshops, have a look at the below 3 education initiatives I have founded.

Happiness Academy – Strengthening wellbeing, resilience, mindset & thinking patterns, and personal strengths of organizations, teams and individuals with evidence-based tools and practices from the science of positive psychology.
Impact Academy – Strengthening skills for higher impact, such as communication, presentation, personal efficiency, teamwork and team communication and virtual collaboration. Making teams and leaders effective, efficient, motivated and great at achieving results.
Trainers Toolbox – Empowering trainers with evidence-based tools to spark authentic engagement and boost learning of their participants.

All that I do is customised and tailor-made for you – so if you wish to discuss what can be done to achieve and boost your goals and skills, let’s talk.

Let’s talk

Mirna Smidt at Hive Berlin 2018

How I work – principles and values

I believe that one of the biggest power of individual to create a meaningful positive contribution to the world is through purpose-driven organisations and workplaces who work in positive and impactful way.

I am passionate about serving organisations and individuals in creating exactly that – empowering them, educating them and motivating them.

My work is based on three pillars: empowering you (showing you how it is possible), inspiring and motivating you (helping you figure out what you wish and why it is worth it) and educating you on the best research-based knowledge, methods and tools to create the desired change.

In my experience, science-based tools from positive psychology and experiential learning methods (and coaching) are the best way to achieve that.
While positive psychology gives us a lot of insights into human flourishing, success and thriving against challenges, the process of growth, learning and change needs to be meaningful for the organisation and individuals involved in it.
That means that, while following science-based principles and keeping orientation on the goal that we wish to achieve together, every client is different and deserves customised approach in training, process design, or coaching.

I love to work in a personalised, flexible way, making the process optimal. The broad range and diversity of my background allows me that flexibility and adaptability.

Let’s work together to create the positive change you wish to create!

My life and work is grounded in the following values:
Engaging – both you and me should enjoy this journey of growth, discovery and meaningful change
Interactive – starts with listening and understanding of your needs and goals
Experiential – you learn from experience, while maximising the efficiency of the process
Science-based, yet practical – rooted in no-bullshit tangible knowledge, yet focus on real-life application
Impactful and effective – choosing the optimal tools for real results
Goal-oriented, yet flexible and personalised/customised – adapted to your needs, styles, preferences.. in order to achieve the desired results in most effective and engaging way
Uniqueness and authenticity – achieving desired change or success in Your way
Courage and ownership – mistakes and experimentation are allowed and supported, but excuses are not
Walking the talk and authentic – I only teach what I apply in my own life
Supportive – in a team, values of diversity, collaboration, openness and ownership of own process are integral part of all that we do.

Mirna Smidt Elle


For over a decade I support and educate a broad range of diverse organisations and individuals in reaching their potential and strengthen their wellbeing, thriving against life challenges, communication and effectiveness with achieving own goals, using science-based tools from positive psychology.

I design and deliver workshops, speaking and coaching for companies, startups, NGOs, conferences and individuals, as well as worked in corporate, startup and NGOs, which makes my work practical, applied, and powerful in the real world.

Impact of my work is powered by a combination of my engineering and corporate background (MsC in Computer and electrical engineering and 10 years of successful career in advance technologies in Cisco) with depth of my theoretical knowledge and understanding of psychology and learning process (including MsC of Applied Positive psychology and long range of training related education).

Through powerful learning experiences, you gain the skills, tools and knowledge practical and ready to apply in own work and life.

Next to 10+ years of experience in a training and design and delivery of learning experiences and rich knowledge of positive psychology (including Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge),
my background as an engineer, having successful 10 years long career at Cisco, helps me understand real-life business with it’s challenges and potential.

I have worked with organisations in various sectors, including Cisco, L’Oreal, Outward Bound, Molson Coors, Impact Hub, Elle, Poliklinika Bagatin, Axilis, Superbet, Visage Technologies, Styria, etc. (What others say) and spoke on a long range of conferences, such as TEDx Zagreb, Women in Data Science in Zurich, Cisco Connect Croatia in Rovinj, Hive Global Leaders Summit in Berlin and Bucharest, Positive psychology conference in Zagreb, Global Women IBM panel Zagreb, Cisco Women of Impact Croatia, World Global Health Day Festival by ThriveLDN in London City Hall, ENTEG (ENgineering and TEchnology institute Groningen) Day at University of Groningen, Elle Fashion Dinner in Belgrade etc.


Constant learning and development is not only integral part of my work, as well as my personality.

I am among the first ones in Europe to graduate from Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.
I hold certifications as Trainer of business education (Zagreb, 2008), a coach (London, 2012) and NLP Master practitioner (Amsterdam, 2011).
I continuously keep on growing my skills and toolbox as a trainer – deepening my facilitation skills, Art of Hosting approach to training, Appreciative Inquiry, broad range of positive psychology tools, and many more.

As a founder and head trainer on Trainers Toolbox, I am active in educating other trainers on basic and advanced skills of creating and delivering impactful learning experiences.

Mirna Smidt

Things I love

Apart from the passion for personal development and learning, my own and the one of others, I am hugely passionate about travel, adventures and exciting life experiences.
I lived in 3 countries, worked in 25+ countries and travelled to 70+ countries.
I am a scuba-diving instructor, drive motorbike and love sailing, horse-riding, skiing, kayaking, yoga and martial arts.

Currently I am based in Zagreb, Croatia, spend a lot of time in Amsterdam, London and Florence, and work globally.

Let’s talk

For maximum impact, learning needs to be customised. All that I do is custom built with a deep understanding of my client, their needs and goals they wish to achieve.

If you wish to wotk in this way to improve resilience, efficiency, communication, results and wellbeing in your (onsite or virtual) team or advance your trainers’ skill,
contact me to discuss how to fulfil the potential for your team or yourself.

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