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Invite me to speak on positive psychology, wellbeing and impactful learning experiences, or to facilitate meaningful conversations on your event

Are you looking for an energetic, inspiring yet action-oriented keynote speaker for your conference? Get in touch and let’s discuss what it is that you are looking for! 

As a speaker, I am: 

  • energetic and with positive energy
  • focused on science-based & evidence-based content
  • providing practical tools that the audience can immediately apply
  • engaging and involving the audience actively

I speak about topics from positive psychology – the science of wellbeing (topics that I teach at Happiness Academy), as well as topics about making training & education more engaging and impactful (topics that I teach at Trainers Toolbox).

I also MC and moderate events that benefit from keeping the conversations flowing, from panels and team retreats, to networking events, and meaningful conversations.

Here are a few examples of the topics I speak about:

    • wellbeing, what makes life worth living and living life like an adventure 
    • meaning & purpose in life & work
    • how to be more resilient in face of the challening
    • how to work with own thinking to be in ownership of our life
    • living life “in the zone” – living life rich in state of flow, engaged in our work & life
    • …and many more topics related to positive psychology & education

Insterested in booking Mirna for your conference or an event?

Curious to see an example of my speaking?

Here is my TED talk on “The Way to Fulfilled Life”

…and my speakers demo video

Conferences I've been speaking at

Some of the conferences I’ve been speaker at:

  • TEDx Zagreb
  • World Global Health Day Festival by ThriveLDN in London City Hall
  • Women in Data Science, Zurich
  • Cisco Connect Croatia, Rovinj
  • Hive Global Leaders Summit, Berlin 
  • Hive Global Leaders Summit, Bucharest
  • Positive psychology conference, Zagreb
  • Global Women IBM panel, Zagreb
  • Cisco Women of Impact Croatia, Zagreb
  • ENTEG (ENgineering & TEchnology institute Groningen) Day at University of Groningen
  • Elle Fashion Dinner, Belgrade
  • Flow Conference, online
  • Machine Learning Summer School, Zurich

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“Mirna has a remarkable ability to almost immediately draw the audience to whom she’s speaking to into her world and seemingly effortlessly hold their attention throughout the duration of her speech.

Listening to her talk puts me personally in the state of flow: time passess in an instant, without one even noticing.
To paraphrase & quote Tressie McMillan Cottom, a MacArthur Fellow, who describes creating an experience that holds the audience, even when learning gets uncomfortable (because learning something new is uncomfortable all the time) through the following words: “to give the experience (to the audience) of my confidence of knowing what I know”: walking out of Mirna’s talk with even a part of Mirna’s confidence is the professional & personal career & general boost one will cherish & be propelled with for the time to come.”

Antonija Burcul, Founder & CEO, FOUR, Switzerland

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