Facilitating Team Retreats and designing plan and content for your team event

Looking to organize team retreat?

Team Retreats are 3-10 days long team events with the purpose of:

  • take time to look at the big picture
  • make important, company-wide decisions
  • show appreciation for your employees and colleagues
  • team members get to know each other better
  • motivate employees and boost morale
  • do some creative and innovative thinking

Looking for an energetic, experienced facilitator to help you shape that experience?

I can help you:

Get in touch to discuss retreat for your team. You can also reach me via Linkedin.

Planning the agenda, content and activities for the retreat

  • Get help and expert support in designing your retreat plan and agenda that will best serve your Team Retreat goals, by an experienced trainer and facilitator who works in a goal-oriented way, with attention to details and keeping the custom needs and preferences of your team in mind. 

  • Options: get support and consultancy with your plan for the event, or hire Mirna to do full content planning

Host or MC (Master of ceremonies) the event

  • Skillful facilitator will ensure that you open the conference in a motivating way and start building the right atmosphere and approach right from the beginning. She will keep conversations on track, keep the energy positive throughout the event, make sure that we keep the focus on the goals on the event and turn the event into a memorable, engaging experience for all attendees. 

  • Options: combine hosting of an event with content design

Plan and facilitate get2know and teambonding activities

  • Custom plan and design of activities to connect the team and bring their communication and relationships to the next level. I can help you by building the right atmosphere and interactions, plan and/or facilitate activities that will ensure your Team Retreat truly serves as an opportunity for your team to deepen their connections and collaboration.

Facilitate team conversations and work on tangible topics

  • Being it that you wish to improve the way that the team works together, work on an innovative idea, shape teams’ vision and values, or have other “meaningful conversations”, a skilled external facilitator will build the space for the team to explore the options and make the best use of the teams’ time together. 

Deliver workshop on a range of professional skills

  • Would you like to use this retreat as a chance for individuals to upskill? Choose a workshop related to wellbeing (wellbeing, resilience, flow, personal strengths, mindfulness) or to professional skills (presentation skills, communication skills, personal efficienty, time management) that is custom build for your team and their needs.

Delivering a keynote about wellbeing, resilience, flow

  • Would like to open up a conference with a speech on topics related to wellbeing? Inspire and motivate the team, and at the same time enrich them with practical, science-based tools that they can use in everyday work? Get in touch for the full list of topics and options for keynote and workshop topics. 

What participants say​

“Relevant Bits is a young, fully remote company, founded by partners aiming to build a company culture of collaboration, passion and inclusivness. Mirna supported is by developing really gread leadership workshops, aimed at helping our team communicate and understand each other better (ie. cultural differences), as well as to help define our processes for trackling challenging conversations and business decisions.

Mirna is an active listener and skillful facilitator who brings a level of professional candor to each workshop. She aims to understand the context of conversations, before offering invaluable feedback that drives conversations further. Mirna has a kind, passionate personality which allows her to rein in and redirect conversations in meaningful ways. Her organized approach helped keep our team focused and aligned. We are already seeing the rewards of better communication. You should hire her.”

Mark Dodgson, Canada, Relevant Bits cofunder


“Mirna was our coach for a team office full of software engineers from a new established team. The team itself has been a motley crew according to geographies and working experience. Therefore some of us met in person for the very first time.

Due to my planning talent the preparation time was very short for Mirna which was not an issue for her. She run the whole event very well prepared timing and content wise. Difficult topics have been made easy to discuss through activities/gamifications. We have produced tangible and productive outcomes. But more important we had fun and grow as a team. Many thanks again for the whole team and myself for the great and successful event.”

Anton Seeman, Germany, manager at Nexi group

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