Antonija Burcul, Founder & CEO, FOUR, Switzerland

Mirna has a remarkable ability to almost immediately draw the audience to whom she’s speaking to into her world and seemingly effortlessly hold their attention throughout the duration of her speech.

Listening to her talk puts me personally in the state of flow: time passess in an instant, without one even noticing.
To paraphrase & quote Tressie McMillan Cottom, a MacArthur Fellow, who describes creating an experience that holds the audience, even when learning gets uncomfortable (because learning something new is uncomfortable all the time) through the following words: “to give the experience (to the audience) of my confidence of knowing what I know”: walking out of Mirna’s talk with even a part of Mirna’s confidence is the professional & personal career & general boost one will cherish & be propelled with for the time to come.

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