Audrey Baker, EMEA Program Manager – Employee Experience at Twilio Inc., Ireland

Mirna creates engaging content that is easy to understand, insightful and offers practical guidance on how to implement into everyday life. 

I recently worked with Mirna as part of the Think Week program at Twilio. Mirna designed a program to introduce the concept of Flow, what it is and how to harness it in respect to our work lives. Producing a toolkit of elements including a bitesized introductory video to the concept of flow, a Think Week planning workbook and a live interactive workshop meant that regardless of how and where individuals chose to engage with the topic there was an equally valuable resource available to them. 

Mirna was a pleasure to work with. She was committed to understanding the purpose of the program, the people involved and how best to connect to them on the topic. Tailoring everything to suit the particular needs of our company and people meant the materials were bespoke to our exact requirements. 

Can’t wait to collaborate with Mirna again in the future.

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