What participants say

Matea Lay, Communications Manager, Croatia

I had an amazing experience with Happiness Academy course! Mirna is an amazing coach, motivated, smiling and full of energy. The course is well structured and I enjoyed learning new things. The groups are small so we all became friends and felt safe and free discusing delicate and personal topics and challenges, finding comfort and support in the group. I warmly recommend it! 🙂

Lana Novosel, Deputy Director at Outward Bound Croatia, Croatia

We definitely recommend Mirna as a trainer, besides huge experience and professional background, her approach, positive attitude, adapting skills and ability to design custom made trainings for a given group of people, are standing skills that made us choose Mirna for the next team development training.

Laura Betancort, Translator and Interpreter, Spain

I attended two workshops with Mirna that were absolutely worth it. In both of them, she made sure to understand the audience to tailor the content to our needs.
She created the perfect atmosphere: On the one hand, a safe and even fun space where we could self-reflect and have enriching discussions. On the other hand, a dynamic space where we would not get stuck in overthinking so we could focus on action.

Marin Futač, Brand operations manager, Croatia

Workshop with Mirna was fun, exciting and very eye-opening. The techniques and exercises were concrete and helpful in giving directions on what to focus – whether it was finding out what you want to do and/or changes you want or need to make in order to boost your career and career goals.
The most important thing was the group atmosphere that Mirna managed to provide where everyone felt comfortable to pitch in with their experiences and questions.

Monica Schneider, Marketing Director Luxe Adria-Balkan and Romania at L’Oreal, Croatia

I have collaborated with Mirna in several instances. Every time she has demonstrated a precious balance between strong theoretical background and the ability to pass on key messages through practical experiences.

Thari Codrington, coach, The Netherlands

Mirna was a very positive and engaged workshop leader. She excelled in translating scientific findings in real life and very practical exercises. The exercises during the workshop were very illuminating and the practices to continue after the workshop are still part of my daily routine.

Stefan Fiedrich, psychologist, Germany

Mirna’s training has been a wonderful experience with great content, ideas and group dynamics! Mirna managed to give us a broad structured and science based overview on this vitally important field of applied psychology. Always enthusiastically and engaging, with interactive discussions and personal reflections and exercises! Even with a background as psychologist and prior knowledge in the field I learned new things and enjoy the nicely prepared and useful materials and resources. I can highly recommend the course to everyone who is interested in self development and life improvement. As for myself – I left every session inspired to reflect upon aspects of my life and with some ideas how they could be improved, and overall, a little bit happier than before
– Great job, Mirna & Hvala!

Christoph Auernig, software developer, Austria

When I met Mirna, I was immediately impressed. And since then I have heard tons of compliments about her. And what shall I say, everything I heard is nothing but the truth: Mirna is an excellent and passionate trainer. In her training sessions you will find a fruitful atmosphere for learning, experiencing and sharing. Also, be aware that Mirna’s positive Attitude is highly contagious And last but not least, what I like most about her, that she is very authentic and lives what she preaches.

Edita Jurak, Biochemistry Assistant Professor, Netherlands

Happiness academy is a terrific place to meet people and devote your time to being happy. Great techniques and discussions presented in a brilliant way by Mirna!

Romy Solomon, Project Manager, Trainer and Facilitator, Spain/USA

Mirna certainly knows her stuff! I’ve found these online webinars and courses extremely useful, interesting, and helpful. Thank you Mirna for your dedication, passion, and knowledge.

Catarina Rodrigues, Consultant in InnoWave Technologies, Portugal

I heard Mirna’s speech and I felt immediately inspired by her motivation, experience and mindset.

Rym Abida, Medical Intern, Tunisia

Mirna amazed me with her remarkable presence, her good mood and her smart interventions.

Bozena Burzynska, External Training Officer and Trainer at EFPSA, Poland

Mirna is an extraordinary person who is brave to create the world around. She is a perfect example of a change maker – active, ambitious and successful. She has plenty of ideas at once and takes the first step immediately.

Kamil Zalewski, Senior Manager, Operations, Strategy and Business Acceleration at Cisco, Poland

Mirna is always very energetic, motivated and enthusiastic with the unique ability to motivate others to do their best. Mirna is great at building and maintaining relationships as she’s a keen communicator and has a talent for public speaking.

Julie Lindskov, Customer Service Representative and Trainer and Facilitator, Denmark

Mirna is fun and outgoing and a great facilitator who knows her stuff really well.
I highly recommend her as a trainer and I hope to get the chance to work with her again in the future.

Svetlana Samsonova, Head of International Student Academic Unit at National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Russia

Mirna is a very enthusiastic person and she always shares her energy and passion with people who surrounds her! In a very limited time she can explain a complicated theory and demonstrate how this theory works in practice.

Urša Svetelj, Youth educational trainer, Slovenia

Mirna’s training style is structured, organized, powerful, clear, empowering. I enjoyed her sessions a lot and I would not hesitate to have her as a trainer at any other event

Sara, Slovenia

She has an incredible bubble of happy energy, encouragement, and knowledge, as well as dedication to her trainees – she took time for each and every one of us and it meant a great deal.

Jelena Dragosavac, People Development Manager Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia at Apatinska Pivara

It was our great pleasure to have Mirna facilitating 3 workshops (held in September in Apatin, Belgrade and Nikšić) on a positive psychology grounded tools, applicable into the daily life.

Mirna’s professionalism, positive attitude, engaging energy and hands on examples were highly welcomed and appreciated from the workshop nominees.

Thank you one more time for having added a great value to our corporate Wellbeing platform by landing the positive mindset content at its best. It would for sure be our pure pleasure to cooperate with Mirna and for some different topics in the future.

Ivan Suvar, Brands and Portfolio strategy director CEE, Molson Coors

Mirna was leading the Flow workshop as an induction and inspirational part of the whole day Ideation process for the CEE Brand and portfolio strategy team in Molson Coors. I could only emphasize exceptional interaction, great preparation and a really inspiring and motivating session we had with Mirna. Too bad this workshop with Mirna wasn’t for the full day or even longer.

Antonija Burcul, Founder & CEO, FOUR, Switzerland

Mirna has a remarkable ability to almost immediately draw the audience to whom she’s speaking to into her world and seemingly effortlessly hold their attention throughout the duration of her speech.

Listening to her talk puts me personally in the state of flow: time passess in an instant, without one even noticing.
To paraphrase & quote Tressie McMillan Cottom, a MacArthur Fellow, who describes creating an experience that holds the audience, even when learning gets uncomfortable (because learning something new is uncomfortable all the time) through the following words: “to give the experience (to the audience) of my confidence of knowing what I know”: walking out of Mirna’s talk with even a part of Mirna’s confidence is the professional & personal career & general boost one will cherish & be propelled with for the time to come.

Audrey Baker, EMEA Program Manager – Employee Experience at Twilio Inc., Ireland

Mirna creates engaging content that is easy to understand, insightful and offers practical guidance on how to implement into everyday life. 

I recently worked with Mirna as part of the Think Week program at Twilio. Mirna designed a program to introduce the concept of Flow, what it is and how to harness it in respect to our work lives. Producing a toolkit of elements including a bitesized introductory video to the concept of flow, a Think Week planning workbook and a live interactive workshop meant that regardless of how and where individuals chose to engage with the topic there was an equally valuable resource available to them. 

Mirna was a pleasure to work with. She was committed to understanding the purpose of the program, the people involved and how best to connect to them on the topic. Tailoring everything to suit the particular needs of our company and people meant the materials were bespoke to our exact requirements. 

Can’t wait to collaborate with Mirna again in the future.

Trainers Toolbox - Training for trainers

Ivana Kljaković-Gašpić, Croatia, founding member at Evolution at work

Trainers Toolbox is an amazing TTT program. The main quality is a quite flexible curriculum through which is possible to navigate following our own needs and desires. Bunch of super useful tools, highly skilled trainer and really interesting crowd.

Meri Tukač, Croatia, Electrical Design Engineer and Trainer

Amazing source of inspiration, ideas and tools as well as education possibilities (TTT program is amazing!) for trainers and educators!

Edita Jurak, Biochemistry Assistant Professor, Netherlands

Trainers Toolbox provides great, user friendly and fun tools – visuals, videos, exercises – for trainers and educators alike.

Monika Friscic, Croatia, Human Resources Manager and Trainer at Poliklinika Bagatin

Trainers Toolbox is like a well of knowledge for trainers, coaches and everyone who’s interested in personal development. When I’m stuck or in lack of ideas, it’s my go to place for inspiration.
I had the pleasure to meet Mirna and attend some of her trainings which were authentic, inspiring and encouraging! Thank you.