What can I do for you?

If you are an individual…

  • Create a life you love. Re-design your life to make it more meaningful, satisfying, engaging and exciting. Concretely, this means, creating a powerful vision of what you want to do with your life, connected to a tangible plan which ultimately helps you live up to your potential.
  • Boost your career. What is the next step in your career development? I can help you make a decision on where to go next and build a clear and motivating plan on how to get there!
  • Achieve your goals. Feeling a bit stuck, lost or unsure how to reach that great goal of yours? I am here to help.
  • Boost your happiness, joy and wellbeing. Feeling that life is missing a bit of spark? Find out simple ways to inject more meaning, satisfaction, joy and happiness in life!
  • Presentation and communication skills. Struggling with the way you present yourself and your ideas to the world? Let’s get those skills to the next level and turn you into a master communicator!
  • Master the art of thriving in challenging times. What about boosting your resilience and getting better at dealing with positive and negative challenges in life and work? Get the set of tangible tools and techniques and explore which of them works best for you.
  • Take you mindset to the next level. Re-wire your brain and thinking patterns in science-based ways to change your attitude, mood and motivation to achieving your goals and better connect with others?
  • Become a trainer or enrich your trainers’ toolbox. Are you attracted to education, creating positive impact on others and supporting them in their development, but missing the tools, structure or knowledge to do so? Join me for one of Train the trainer programs.

If you are an organization or have a team…

  • Support your team in building personal efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Help your team advance their presentation skills and communication, both as individuals and as a team
  • Dreaming of flourishing, positive and efficient organisational culture? Empower teams to take more ownership and better collaboration so as to build the culture that fosters high performance and team satisfaction.
  • Get tools to inspire and motivate your team.
  • Wish to bring the engagement of your team to the next level? Motivate them and empower them by learning how to get more flow in their everyday work.
  • How about strengthening the wellbeing of your team? Empower them in building more beneficial mindset and thinking patterns, positive emotions, thriving against challenges, exploring personal strengths and boost their engagement.
  • Impact your whole organisation – both in objectives and atmosphere – when your team would get better at dealing with challenges in life and work
  • Are you looking to build a team of trainers and educators? Or just enrich experienced team members with a deep understanding and tools for building impactful learning experiences and knowledge transfer?

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My initiatives

happiness academy logo

Happiness Academy

Strengthening wellbeing, resilience, mindset & thinking patterns, and personal strengths of organizations, teams and individuals with evidence-based tools and practices from the science of positive psychology.

Training and speaking on topics of:
– Positive Psychology – the Science of Wellbeing
– Life Design: Create a Life You Love
– Career Development: Own Your Career
– Wellbeing at Work: What Makes Teams Thrive and Engaged?
– Resilience: the Art of Thriving in the Face of Challenges
– Flow: Living a More Engaging Life
– Mindfulness: the Art of Mindfulness in Everyday Life and Work
– Strengths: Discover and Develop the Best Version of You

trainers toolbox logo

Trainers Toolbox

Empowering trainers with evidence-based tools to spark authentic engagement and boost learning of their participants.

Training and speaking on topics of:
– Train the Trainer programs
– Positive Psychology Toolbox for Trainers
– Train Advanced Trainer: bringing your skills as a trainer to a new level
– Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
– Virtual Training: How to Make Virtual Learning Engaging and Impactful

impact academy logo

Impact Academy

Strengthening skills for higher impact, such as communication, presentation, personal efficiency, teamwork and team communication and virtual collaboration. Making teams and leaders effective, efficient, motivated and great at achieving results.

Training and speaking on topics of:
– Personal Efficiency: Managing Your Time and Energy for Optimal Results
– Communication skills: Understanding Others and Communicating Clearly and Effectively
– Presentation and Public Speaking
– Teamwork and Team Communication
– Virtual Collaboration and Teamwork
– Managing and Motivating Virtual Teams

All that I do is customised and tailor-made for you – so if you wish to discuss what can be done to achieve and boost your goals and skills, let’s talk.

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